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Clark Bioscience公司位于美国弗吉尼亚州,是一家为生物医学实验室提供一流耗材和试剂的生物技术公司。公司的使命是:创新产品服务创新科研。





Clark Bioscience提供的产品除了具有创新性外,与其他竞争对手相比价格也低很多,比平均节省40-70%。我们相信您的工作不应该因为缺少研究试剂而减慢或停止。



Clarkbio.com is a biotech company that provide best-in-class supplies and reagents that are commonly used in experimental laboratories for medical and biological research. Our mission is to best serve our research community around the globe with unbelievable cost savings and with high quality products.

SMART Tager is an innovative applicator, which allows for continuous and fast application of ear tags to lab animals for the purpose of labeling, category and management.Unlike any other ear applicators, SMART Tager is specifically designed, built for continuous ear tagging. One single load of ear tag strip is able to label 10 animals. Easy, Fast and Efficient!

Mycoplasma detection by the direct culture procedure is time-consuming and has some limitations. One-step Quickcolor Mycoplasma Detection Kit is easy and fast, and results can be obtained within one hour. The reaction can be carried out in a water bath. Positive reaction can be easily indicated by color change from pink to blue-green, which can be judged by the naked eye.

Exposure Marker(Western Blot Marker) is designed for facility western blot, which can conveniently monitors the electrophoresis progress and directly visualize protein standard bands on a blot.

Research expenses, especially on common supplies and reagents have been skyrocketing over the years. Many research Institutions and groups are facing rough financial challenges. We understand that cost saving has become top priority in many of researchers’ minds. Clarkbio.com offers products at a much lower price compared with other competitors, with an average savings of 40-70%. We believe that your work should not be slowed down or stopped by lack of research reagents.

We also understand that cost savings should not comprise research excellence, and we make sure that our products are offered in the highest quality! We have a tireless QC team of research experts that vigorously test these products. We have all products validated by independent academic research groups prior to market launch. Our goal is to bring to you the best research tools!

We do our best to help you to move your research forward in a cost-effective way! We hope that you can take full advantage of what we offer here to gain the most for your own research!




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